Treasure is our very first AKC Champion and we couldn't be more proud!! Thank you Nancy Edmunds for showing & finishing her for us. We couldn't have done it without your help!! 

Ch Konza Vadasz Treasure Hunt
Quodian's Pajtas x Hoodwinked Konza Vadasz Ali
b. 11/8/2014
AKC #SR80619001
CHIC #113166
Hips: OFA #WVZ-144G28F-VPI
Elbows: OFA #WVZ-EL58F28-VPI

Our first females have all retired and passed the torch to our next generations.
Gone but never forgotten, always in our hearts.

Vizland's Tip-Toe Tulip 
Fram Od Smutne Ricky x Perbalmenti Betty
1/3/2002 --  6/13/2016
AKC FSS #SR48010202  NAVHDA #WV-000153
CHIC #42161; HUU: N/Hu

Quodian's Lepke CGC
Ch Cikolai Kalasz x Diana Gundi
2-18-03 -- 6-7-14
AKC #SR52886301  NAVHDA #WV-000217
CHIC #42160
Pine Tree's Viz Hello Dolly
Dolly lived out her retirement in the lap of luxury with George and Hillary Holzer, in Maryland
Laszlohazi-Betyar Rexi x Gyarmat Erdei Bogi
1/15/2000 -- 4/20/2016
AKC#SR52890601  NAVHDA #WV-000120
OFA #WVZ-11G63F 

Anna vd Zuidvliet
Gyarmat-Erdei Csausz x Princerdei Rizliingharcos Aliz
b. 8-23-02
AKC#SR52841001  NAVHDA # WV-000218
CHIC #42158; HUU: N/Hu
Konza Vadasz Lenexa "Lexi"
Quodian's Ishan x Quodian's Lepke
b. 6-25-08
AKC FSS # SR53401103 
Hips: OFA # WVZ-70F24F
Eyes: CERF # WVZ-379245 (2013-58)
Konza Vadasz Southwind "Pepper"
Quodian's Pajtas x Vizsland's Tip-Toe Tulip
b. 4-16-08
AKC FSS #SR52825202
Hips: OFA # WVZ-67G24F
Eyes: CERF# WVZ-132; HUU: N/N
Hoodwinked Konza Vadasz Ali "Ali"
Konza Vadasz Sherman County x Quodian's Sok Szerenccses
b. 6-6-08
AKC #SR62084301 

Hips: OFA #WVZ-71G24F
Eyes: CERF # WVZ-379206; HUU: Hu/Hu

Konza Vadasz Wirehaired Vizslas 

Versatile Hunting Dogs
Loving Family Companions for Hunters and Falconers

Our Wirehaired Vizslas

Our dogs are all part of our family and live with us on several acres near Assaria, Kansas.  We started with one dog, Tulip, in 2003, then imported several from the Netherlands and Canada. Now, with the exception of Quasar & Betyar, all our dogs are of our own breeding.

We hunt a variety of wild KS game with our dogs. Doves, upland birds and waterfowl are plentiful in WIHAs and public lands around here in central Kansas. We occasionally hunt rabbits & hares on our land with the dogs and varmints that raid our chicken coop. Doug gets his deer on our acreage every year, but the dogs don't get to help with that as it is against KS DWP regulations. We raise homing pigeons and ducks for training right here at home.

In addition to hunting, we enjoy a variety of other activities with our dogs as well. Our favorites are dock diving in the backyard pool and tracking.  We enjoy getting together with friends in the Salina Kennel Club to practice rally/obedience and conformation showing.



Quasar jumping at NADD trials at the Gateway Sporting Dog Association Specialty at Purina Farms, Sept 2015. He and Betyar both have three legs in the NADD Novice Division and two legs in Junior, need five legs tot get their titles.


UKC Ch Quodian's Quasar CGC "Quasar"
TDInc., UKC Champion
2 x UKC BOB and Group placements
Eron Selle x Quodian's Byzar
b. 4-8-05
AKC # SR52886501
CHIC # # 53347
Hips: OFA # WVZ-23G24M-PI 
Eyes: CERF # WVZ-124-40 *E1; HUU: N/N

1st Place Novice, Dock Dog Splash,
Blue Springs Fall Fest, Blue Springs, MO 9/2011

Konza Vadasz High Fidelity "Bose"
Quodian's Ishan x Anna vd Zuidvliet
b. 10-18-09
AKC #SR62083701 NAVHDA # WV-000589
CHIC # 89034
Hips: OFA #WVZ-98G31M-VPI 
Eyes: CERF # WVZ-379205 (13)

Retired or deceased, but their offspring carry on.

Quodian Betyar CM  "Betyar"
Keszegerparti Drotos Cimbi x Quodian's Panache
b. 2-12-2008

AKC # SR52866501, NAVHDA # WV-000516
Hips: OFA # WVZ-60G25M-VPI
Eyes: CERF # WVZ-131-26; HUU: N/Hu
CHIC #89033
Open Show, Atlanta, GA, 10/21/11
Multiple BOB and Best in Misc wins
RETIRED from breeding
Konza Vadasz Chip OffD Ol' Block "Chip"
Quodian Betyar x Quodian's Lepke
b. 11-29-2010
AKC FSS #SR67840201
Hips: OFA #WVZ-112G31M-VPI
Eyes: CERF #WVZ-372273
Retired from breeding

Gone but never forgotten, always in our hearts

UKC Ch Thorn Hill's Hun  "Fitzko"
6-24-03 -- 10-12-13   
UKC Champion, 3 x UKC BOB, 3 x UKC Group 1
Thorn Hill's Eke x Kecel Hatsagi Manya
6/24/03 - 3/10/12
Quodian's Ishan "Ishan" 
Furdohazi Athos x Zenith Des Champs Des Dunes
1/22/02 - 2/7/14

Quodian's Pajtas "Pajtas"
Betyar Z Malookocskej x Furdohazi Gabci
1/30/05 - 9/26/14


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